Thursday, September 28, 2017


 Stacys Bag. Price: $850.00 usd. Bag dimensions are: L4&1/2" x W5" x H8&1/2", strap width is 1", strap length custom fit to buyers needs. 8-10 oz nature tanned cowhide, colored with alcohol dyes.  Will wear supple after a year or so of use.  Color tends to become uniform over time.  Expected lifespan under normal use +30 Years.  Leather and fasteners guaranteed 10 years under normal use.  Slight color fading or even darkening due to wear is to be expected.


email -- use LEATHER ORDER as subject or it will probably get lost.  Tooling and pricing options can be discussed on a per project basis via that email.  I also do custom billiard cue cases which start at 2k.  If you do not hear back from me in a short time try again, I should answer within a week latest.  I don't do phones. 

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